Are Blogging Courses Worth It (Reality Of Courses)

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Hey, everyone who want's to start blogging are really confused about "Are blogging courses worth it " buying in 2020. Should I invest in buying a course or not. I know how it feels I have been there.

Today, I am going to share about my opinion.

What I did when I was a beginner and how I overcame that situation till now in this post.

Want to know the best part?

Today I'm revealing a detailed information about Are blogging courses worth it

So let's get started.

When I started my blogging journey I was like a noob in the field of blogging. I had zero knowledge and in fact the only thing in my mind was How do I create a blog and make my first online income.

My Story In Short (skip at your own risk)

One day I was frustrated doing my 12 hour job and started searching on google how to make money, then I came to see about Youtube, blogging, drop-shipping and many more.

I saw that to start blogging I only need a domain name and web hosting.

After getting both I started writing posts and keep on hitting publish button every single day for about 3-6 months thinking that it may take longer to see my results.

You know what happened? I have left my job to start blogging in result after spending those days I was with no money . I was always searching on google researching about blogging but no results in the end. 

It took me 2 years to get all the knowledge from basic to advanced level.

This is because of my mentor. In 2018 I contacted one of the successful blogger and asked him for help in return he suggested me to take his course. At beginning I thought it is waste of time & money, but he said take my course "if you are not satisfied or succeed in blogging I will refund you". 

I took his course and got all the information through video and pdf formats of coaching as you can see now I am here.

Me as a blogger, I don't say that all the information are not available for free, it is available all over internet. But no one share's their secret techniques about how they work.

Going in same direction like other's is not correct , but going in right direction is all matter's.

Keep 5 Things In Your Mind Before Buying A Course

1. Is the same content available for free:

There are some topics or niches in which some authoritative site provide the same basic  information of a premium course for absolutely free of cost if you are an advanced level blogger. Take advantage of google to search for topics which are freely available on internet.

Note: There are people who scam people in the name of premium course and only provide the same basic information at  high prices.

2. Choosing the right mentor in your niche:

Opting the right mentor should be your first preference. Choosing the right mentor is what all you need to keep in mind, before check if he has got the massive results in that field(niche) and his social presence(fan base). Also check his course reviews of students are they really getting results after taking his course and succeed.

Note: Be aware of mentors who scam people by giving false information to students just for sake of money.

3. What are the review's of the course:

What actually people say about this course really matter's. Do not buy a product from an unknown person's recommendation's, because some people refer for the sake of commission. So be careful & review the students results from that particular course and buy it,

Note: Be aware of fake results shown to you for generating sales.

4. Reality check of the course mentor:

Before buying a course some people directly follow the mentor without inspecting him or her.

Always remember this is mind that whenever you follow a guide cross check that Is he getting the same results that I am expecting for?  if yes then you can follow without any doubts.

Some of the great mentors that I have personally followed are neil patel and backlinko because they are the best guides for every new blogger.

Note: Follow on mentor's with great results who have achieved by themselves.

5. Check if the course is for Beginner's or Advanced bloggers

In blogging field there are three levels of course's based on their experience 

  • Beginner 
  • Advanced level
  • Pro blogging

I know before coming to this industry you have zero knowledge about blogging. Basically when I first came to hear about blogging it was 2018 until then I have no information about it.

You might be wondering what I am saying this! Ha this is the harsh truth.

Whenever a newbie wants to start blogging he never thinks about at what level he is at and what type of course he should take, for example- If you want to become a software developer then you must first go through the basics then you will able to move to advanced level step by step right. So here's the same process.

For some one who wants to start blogging with no knowledge of it I always recommend you to take Beginner blogging course, then as time moves on you can opt for advanced level blogging courses.

Note: Beginner courses will be at low price but advanced level blogging costs high.

Best Free Blogging Courses

Hey if you want to learn blogging for free then it's great but their are some limitation in free blogging courses.

  1. Free Blogging course by Saikumarkambagi (basic).
  2. Udemy.
  3. Skillshare.
  4. Hubspot

From the above you can learn blogging for free if you are new in the field of blogging and also join my facebook group for free information and updates.

I want you to take above basic startup courses before buying, after getting some basic knowledge I strongly recommend going to advanced level if you want to achieve quick wins based upon your work.

In free training you will not be provided whole details about how to build brand ,bringing traffic and monetizing traffic with proven strategies or full details so opting for advanced level is best option for you without wasting your valuable time.

Also read a detailed guide on How to start a blog and make money in 2021

Top Resources To Learn Blogging

I know you will be again searching for top blogger's to learn blogging but I think you don't know I also provide top level blogging training in my premium course. As result you can achieve in the field of blogging with in short period of time.

Just go to my home page > Blog > from A to Z you will get all the information from basic site setup to monetizing the traffic to achieve $1753 per month scale. 

Apart from this there are top level websites like 

I hope that have cleared all your doubt's related

"Are blogging courses worth it".

But wait, if you have any unanswered question then just ask me in the comment section below without hesitation or you can call us for any help.


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