5 ways to get 1k followers on your blog within 30 days

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Hi friend today I am gonna talking about how you can get 1000+ more followers on your brand new blog with in time span of 30 days.

Are you curious?

After reading full article you will be able to know how you can gain your first 1k followers with this best methods.

So lets begin.

Have you wondered how some bloggers starts getting thousands of followers with in few months of starting their blog.

How do they do this?

They all are using some techniques to acquire new readers into their blog feeds.

Here are the top 5 ways to get followers on blogger very fast

Let's describe one by one.

1. Write High Quality Unique Content

write unique quality content to gain followers

Do you know why some of the big bloggers like Neil Patel and Backlinko are one of the top digital marketers and SEO specialists in todays era.

Any guess?

Let me explain they are popular well known brands because of their content which are very detailed and unique which kept them aside of all the remaining bloggers.

I know Neil, when I was in my class 8th whenever I searched about what is SEO and  other related topics I always came to see Neil's site which was ranking on top 10 always.

Because they are known for master in their fields.

So I always recommend you and all my readers to write always unique content such like no one has ever written about it ever before.

Always go in-deep about the content you are writing and try to understand what are the needs of your customer who is searching for that specific keyword.

Now you might be thinking why I am saying all this to you. Yes! there is a reason, as I mentioned about top bloggers and how they are known for their blogs.

Why did you remember these bloggers in your mind?

Because of their popularity and their dedication towards this industry.

Hey friend and my lovely reader always remember in your mind whenever you write your blog posts that you are not laying this game for short term but for a very long journey.

So, give your readers a good reason to come back to your site again and again by your content that automatically increases your blog followers within no time.

I always recommend giving value to readers and this is my policy.

I also gained 550+ followers by giving free stuff to my new reader in exchange for their name and e-mail address which I am going to cover in next topic.

2. Always Provide Free Stuff To Users


You might be thinking how is this possible and what are you saying?

Relax I will explain.

have you ever noticed whenever you visited someone website and browsed to more pages and while you are just going to close the window you will get an pop-up saying that here is the free gift for you.

You can get this by providing your E-mail address and your name.

The gift will be sent to your email address saying that thanks for subscribing to our community and keep checking your email.

Whenever they publish a new post post immediately an email will be sent to you saying that hey reader we have published a new blog post hope you read and enjoy it and they provide a link to it below.

This is the exact process that I was going to teach you.

As a reader you are still reading till now means that you are interested in my content right.

All you have to do is add email subscription so that you can collect users e-mail address and in return providing them free value.

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3. Participate in Bloggers Meetup

get more followwers by participating in bloggers meetups

Have you been invited by some blogger to their meetups?

If not then you must build contacts with other bloggers in your field, it is a must advice from me.

Now want to know what are the benefits of building relation with other bloggers here how, let suppose you are invited to a bloggers party and there are total more than 200+ bloggers out there.

Then think if you go on the stage and introduce yourself to others  then they might add you in their friends list.

Out of 200, 50 might be interested in interviewing your blogging journey and publish on their social platforms.

You can't imagine how much reach you are getting.

50 people took your interview, every single person has 10k followers out of 10k only 5% followed you on your blog you get 500 followers on your blog.

Now let's multiply it with 50 people 50*500=25,000 followers with in no time.

This is major potential part to gain excess followers.

4. Promote Your Blog Using Paid Ads

Promote your blog via paid ads

Many beginner blogger are not promoting their blog via paid ads.

Paid ads are one of the best ways to bring initial traffic to your brand new blog. You might ask why initial traffic necessary for new blog? Initial traffic is must and should for every new blog because people must know that there is a site named xyz.com which provides information about xyz topic.

Hey just think if your new site has been created and SEO takes up to 6-12 months to bring initial traffic to your blog. Then think will you be able to continue your work on blog that has no traffic.

If traffic is coming through paid ads initially you can make corrections to your new blog like how your blog visitors are reacting to your blog posts are they bouncing back? and many more questions will be cleared and fixed by you during your beginning days only.

So that you don't have to worry about your blog architecture and posts.

5. Actively Promote your Blog on Social Media

This is one of the most think every beginner bloggers forget to do so.

Have you ever noticed why most big brands websites are more active on all social media platforms, let me explain because most of the people are spending their time on social media to access new content watch videos, images shared by friends and also to promote their websites. 

The big companies do mass advertising on social media sites to gain quality leads for their company to generates sales from the leads.

They can target the specific audience to attract quality traffic to their blog.

So from the beginning I didn't knew about this later this was known by me through some special guest of me. From then I created profiles on all social media sites to started building slowly audiences and sending them to my blog.

Like this I also gained more followers on my blog by using above 5 strategies which are powerful proven and trusted by me. You blindly go and follow them, the results are not typical but with some hard work and little smart work this can be done to reach 1000 followers on blog within 30 days.

CONCLUSION: I have used the above 5 techniques to gain 3593+ followers within short period of time on my new blog. So using these you can achieve the goal.

If you have any doubts like how to contact bogger meetups then comment below..

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