How To Start A Blog In 2021 and Make Money ($1753 a Month)

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Hey , if you are searching for "HOW TO START A BLOG & MAKE MONEY IN 2021" then you have came to the right place. By using my secret technique in a short period(only in    3 months) I have been consistently generating $1753 a month passively by using this blog.

I was capable of generating this income despite the facts that were:

  • My blog was very new in the field.
  • I had only 156 followers.
  • Less traffic (Targeted traffic).
  • I didn't had connections with top bloggers(Influencers) in my field.
  • I started with little investment (Approximately $115 onetime).

 The best part?

In this guide you are going to learn  "HOW TO START A BLOG & MAKE MONEY IN 2021" I'll show you exactly how I did it & built my own passive source of income within less period of time.

Here's the best steps on  how to start a blog and make money in 2021 in just 6 steps:

  1. Find a profitable niche.
  2. Choose the domain name.
  3. Get started with web hosting.
  4. Creating your first blog post.
  5. Promotion of your blog.
  6. Monetizing your Traffic.

So lets start the process on how to start a wordpress blog and make money ,If I go deeper, there are so many sub topics in the field but we are going to cover all the important topics related to blogging like how to become a successful blogger and  how to bloggers earn money?.

There is one of my best secret which is  my favourite .

Here's one of my great inspirational quote of my mentor 



People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky;

They are doing something differently than everyone else.

How This Proven Secret Technique Helped Me(Finally) To  Generate Revenue

Before I started this blog I was just wasting my time to reach out more influencers and spent so many money on courses to increase my traffic, capture leads , and always thinking about can I make money blogging & earn a freedom life.

But at the end it all failed!.

But one day when I kept researching deeply more and more on Google then I was able to find the techniques through which most successful bloggers are using right now.

But the saddest part ? So many Online courses were giving the basic knowledge and earning money from people.

Don't worry I won't charge you. 

NOTE:  The results are not quick ,it takes time to build your own Brand, All   that matters is how  you work smartly and consistently so that you      can see results.

In Just Five Months ,This Proven Technique Helped Me To See Below Results
  • Low Traffic
  • My blog was not ranking at Top-10
  • Low Conversions
  • High Bounce rate 89.59%
  • More than 15k + visitors per month.
  • Started  ranking at Top-10
  • Saw Increased Conversions upto 38%.
  • Bounce rate Decreased to 64.30%

You can expect these kind of results by following these steps below:

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die"

So lets get started,

1. How To Find A Profitable Niche?

how to find a profitable niche

Do you have ever wondered or observed many bloggers who start blogging are not aware of what is niche and how to find a profitable niche for their business and at last they fail.

Which niches are most profitable?

  • Self-improvement: Becoming an training expert and selling your courses & e-books.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Muscle Body building.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Finance.
  • Insurance.
  • Pets. etc,.


People often start blogging by watching top successful  blogger's earning report's.

I am not saying that watching income reports are not bad, but they are generating income based on their interest, based on their passion about their niche.

Writing down niche ideas

Before getting started  take a deep breath with a pencil & paper. Start writing all the thing's that comes into your mind and make a list of topics on which you can write almost flawlessly , without getting bored which make your brain feel good.

I always recommend you to choose always low competition Niche market.

That's it!

You have got your niche.

Before getting started directly, you might be searching out how to start a blog and make money in 2021, understand your niche thoroughly so that you exist in a long run of blogging industry. Ask yourself these below questions:

  • How many topics I can cover in my niche.
  • what are the problems you can solve.
  • what are the small items to sell online.
  • Most profitable products to sell.
  • how many posts ideas you can create.

After selecting your most beneficial niche, you have to find out niche ideas for affiliate marketing so that you can promote products regarding your  category.

So, I think you are clear with choosing your Niche.

Here's the one of most important thing to remember , you have to do research on that topic in how many ways you can monetize that niche .

So let move to the next topic.

2.How To Choose A Domain  Name For Your Blog

how to choose domain name for your blog

Choosing your domain name is the first and foremost thing in the blogging industry.

Why? Because once you choose your domain name for your blog it cannot be changed later.

Ha! it can be redirected but it is not a good thing to do. So always be careful while selecting your best domain name. That's why it is very important to decide at the very beginning.

What makes a great domain name?

A Domain is said to be great domain name when it does not exceeds 2-3 keywords & it is easy to remember to people. Also including your main keyword in domain is a good sign.


Should my domain name be my name itself? 

If your aim is to build your brand & focus on personal branding then you must consider keeping your domain name as your name.


While starting a blog people will often ask me a question how to select perfect domain name without making mistake, I always answer them by saying that always choose a perfect name for your blog by following these simple steps: 

Remember these Before selecting your domain name

  • Always go with .Com extensions-
  • Use your main niche keyword in domain name
  • Keep it short & easy to remember
  • Make sure that it is easy to pronounce & spell it
  • Keep it unique & brandable
  • Don't use double words to avoid confusion
  • Avoid usage of symbols like hyphens (-)
  • Register your domain before someone else book it.

I always recommend using .COM TLD extensions because it is preferred for globally.

Always choose a Brandable & easy to remember names so that people can remember your blogs address and keep coming back. This is the simple strategy that I used to choose a domain name for my affiliate website's.

Note: Which Blogging Platform Should You Choose?

Before getting started I would like to ask you why you want to start blogging? If you want to become a full time Blogger you must Invest some money in buying a Good WordPress Hosting because if you choose free blogging platforms it comes with less to no customisation feature's which will not help in long run. So I always Prefer to choose a good WordPress hosting to achieve your success in your field.

"The Way To Become Rich Is To Invest Money , Not To Save It"

3. Best Web Hosting For Beginner's

how to choose best web hosting for beginners

People always search for How do I choose cheap and best web hosting for beginner's?  .

I always recommend people not only choose cheap and best hosting but also to make it Fast, Secure ,Reliable and a good customer support with 100% server uptime guarantee.

Which web hosting is best for beginner's?

  • Bluehost-No.1 best hosting for beginner's + 1year free domain.
  • Greengeeks-Best in providing unlimited ssd storage with free domain.
  • A2hosting- Fast and reliable host.
  • Hostgator-Best in scalability.
  • Dream host- Most affordable monthly plans.

how do I choose a best Webhosting plan?

If you are beginner I recommend choosing always startup plans , because initially you won't be having much traffic. I recommend choosing either Bluehost or Greengeeks  which provides a great service.

Should I use shared hosting

If your site have daily traffic upto 3000 visitor's & monthly traffic high as 100,000 visitor's , then I recommend using shared hosting as best option.


Best web hosting for small business

Bluehost is one of the great hosting providers of all time. It is officially recommended by


Basically also I once started blogging with free blogging platforms like

How long it usually takes to build a website and getting started. 

I used to think that I will earn huge amount of money using these platforms, But you know what happened? At the beginning I wrote some posts on Blogger & did some basic SEO , after 3-4 months my site started getting 70-80 visitors a day with single post.

 Now I wanted to do some customization on my website but I could not able to customize it.

So I started contacting web developers and tried to seeking help from them.

At last , they helped me but charged a huge amount to do it. I had no options left with, so I paid them and changed the website style and configuration and moved to wordpress hosting.

I don't want you to face the same problem's that I faced in my carrier, So I recommend you to choose a web hosting & install WordPress software in it. 

So, how to create  a blog on wordpress?

Now Here's a  Truth Why To install WordPress on  A2hosting and get started

Start a blog with A2hosting -saikumar kambagi

Here's why I recommend A2hosting for new bloggers because of its easy to use feature with 20X faster web servers which increase your ranking ,traffic & blogs revenue by 159% more of your money making blog.

I personally recommend this A2hosting because this site is also hosted on A2hosting. I recommend all the products which I use personally and not like others which promote other services just for the sake of more affiliate commission.

Here's the proof 

A2hosting client area login -saikumar kambagi

What are the benefits of choosing this web hosting company


A2hosting is specially meant for it's trust . I am big fan of this company, no one in the industry provides anytime money back guarantee which means a lot of trust to customers. I am damn sure that you will not regret using this  hosting company.


It provides 20X fastest servers which means increase in speed of website, fast-loading, best SEO rankings, pages with fast loading means better user experience with low bounce-rate  & increase your sales.

3. 1 on 1 CALL SUPPORT

They offer free free of charge customer support of any region. If you stuck with any of the problems during installation or configuring your site just place a call & there are ready to solve your problems. This is a good feature of A2hosting.


A2hosting is which you can depend on fast secure ultra-reliable servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is a good thing.


This hosting company provides a free ssl certificate which keeps your site and your visitors credentials secure.


 It provides users to host their sites closer to their visitors using their global data center options. You can choose to host at different data centers during checkout.

Here are some of the reviews of A2hosting customers

Simon W

"A2hosting is one of the best which I have been using since 3 years, before I was using hostgator but  was not getting support much well."


"I think A2hosting is a great solution for beginner's who gets full technical support from 24/7 live chat support."

Larry S // Blogger

"I have a very good experience, because of its fast reliable web hosting . I have got support which is extremely helpful."

Tod G

"Fast support with great web hosting".

experienced great uptime which is a good thing .

Hatim E 

"Great webhosting company with professional support team! Also they provide 

free call support which one is a great service."

Barbara M

"I have upgraded from shared to turbo ,

I have experienced a great technical support."

4. How To Write Your First Blog Post On WordPress For Beginner's

how to write first blog post on wordpress

Are you confused a bit about how to write your first blog  post and publish it like how I wrote about this topic on how to start a blog and make money in 2021 with beautiful design ,then don't worry I will be covering this whole from the beginning.

Step 1:  login into your WordPress dashboard . 

A2hosting wordpress dashboard login

Login into your A2hosting wordpress dashboard & wait for few seconds , double check all the features about where are posts & pages section ,you will get all these on top left side of dashboard .

STEP 2:  Open the  posts section and click on add new post .

Open posts section  add new posts

After you click on new post, a new wordpress post editor will open within the same tab.

What mostly like prompt a reader to click and open your blog post?  it's your blog post title .

Now its time to choose your perfect post title which should be catchy  and attractive.

Also read: Why do number of characters in title matters?

Now start writing your blog post with awesome wordpress editor.

Before getting started make sure you have done your keyword research of your post thoroughly and also competitor analysis of  your top 10 competitors of your field.

So lets move to next step.

STEP 3:  Hit the publish button after completion of writing your post.

Once you have completed writing your awesome blog posts just make sure double check your posts headings, table of contents, images etc. After you have do SEO of your post and finally hit the publish button on top right corner.

That's it . Is it simple easy way to create and hit publish?

Also read : What to do if your site is not showing up in google search results

Actually it is not super easy to write a blog post it takes a lot of time ,research and so many efforts to create an unique awesome blog post. 


How to promote your blog for free

Hey, after writing your first blog post its time for blog promotion

Still confused & searching for "How to promote your blog on google?" here are the free ways how you can do promotion of your new blog using simple strategies and techniques.

  1. Promote your blog on social media.
  2. Promote your blog on web 2.0 websites.
  3. Guest blogging on your niche related sites.
  4. Commenting on other sites.
  5. SEO-search engine optimization.


After creation of a website or blog with fully optimized articles and not getting traffic to that page means like "Eating a banana without banana", just kidding. 

When you initially start a blog evntually you would be not having any traffic to your blog, to start getting boosted up you need share your blog about your articles & how your articles would help people to solve their queries.

There are a lot of social media platforms through which you can promote your blog for free .

Some of them are facebook , linked in, youtube , instagram & many more.

When you write a beautiful In-depth article about a particular topic in your niche, share it to facebook when someone reads your post if it feels satisfied to them they will also share the content to their friends through which you can increase your  social shares.

NOTE: Always share your article in niche related groups because when you share an article if he/she is not interested on that topic they never opens or shares it. So choose the target audience.

This was one of my best strategies I have been using since months.


What are web 2.0 sites? they are sites like Quora , Youtube , Facebook,, etc. 

Web 2.0 sites also includes forums through which people asks questions and gets answer to their queries.

The best way to get traffic from these sites is just search for your niche related topics and find questions which are asked most often then create a good unique quality content around it by using images, videos and infographics which satisfies user's query. 

Go back to forums and write some main topics  like Blogging and write a in-depth article about "how to start a blog and make money in 2021" around which you are going to cover and at the end give a link to that post you have created.

For example how to start a political blog? is your topic, write a awesome piece of content around that and share it on web 2.0  sites just by highlighting some main points of the topic and that's it.

This one is also a good technique to get initial traffic to your blog.

NOTE: Make sure you provide links naturally into that answer to avoid from getting banned.


Guest blogging is content marketing seo technique through which a person writes a in-depth long posts and publish it on 3rd party websites in order to get a link from high authority website.

This strategy is used by more than 96.25% of all top bloggers.

Why to use guest blogging? what is the use?

Guest blogging offers a variety of benefits for any new business in any field. It helps to get targeted traffic from high authority websites which also helps in increasing your domain authority. when you get links from high authority sites you can establish youself as a brand in your market , So that people can trust you.

Where can I guest blog?

You can guest blog on many high DA PA sites like

  • Huffington 
  • Outbrain
  • Investopedia
  • Hubspot.
  • Entrepreneur etc.

Do guest blogging work?

Yes, you heard right guest blogging still works in 2020 because getting high qualty links to your site boosts your Domain Authority , which helps you to rank better on google.



This is one of the great technique to interact with bloggers and readers.

The blog commenting trick is also used for getting link which may be do-follow or no-follow but it is still important for bloggers.

Commenting on blogs in our industry helps to interact with other readers of that blog to come to our blog. It also helps in building relationship with other pro bloggers in our field.

So lets move to our next main topic which is main of all the above.

5. SEO(Search engine optimization)

SEO means optimizing your blog for getting quantity & quality traffic from search engines to improve your online visibility.

Once you have completed all the above now its time to do seo of your site.

For beginners building an SEO friendly site is a must important.

So lets breakdown how to do it.

Here it comes

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

On-Page SEO it includes how to optimize your page elements in step by step manner in order to get organic traffic from search results. This includes page title, URL of the site, using keywords at right place, perfect use of H1-H6 headings in your content, adding images videos, internal linking posts & many more.

Off-Page SEO it refers to what you do all the activities  outside your blog in order to promote or bring traffic to the site. Many people refer to this as link building but it is not completely true Off-page SEO is more beyond that.

Technical SEO this is a process of making sure that your website is search engine friendly without having no broken links or bad pages. It also refers to optimizing your site's structure for crawling and indexing also include technical process to improve search engine visibility of a website.

It is long process you can stick to our blog for how to improve search engine visibity.

If you are new in SEO then you must be thinking of buying a blogging course.

By this moving towards the next step of blog is after getting traffic to your blog now its time to monetize your blog traffic.


How To Monetize Blog Traffic

When to start getting traffic the first thing comes to your mind is Do Bloggers Make  Money? How? , don't be in a hurry !. Here are the top ways to monetize your blog.

Before thinking about monetizing your blog make sure to think these words

Is my blog based on Informational content?

Do I have my own e-book?

Am I getting targeted traffic?

Can I promote Affiliate Products?

How to monetize your blog?

After taking decision from the above questions  lets solve them on how you can monetize your blog for getting  better revenue from traffic.

Information content: If your content is based on informational content which provides knowledge to the people then you must go with these monetizing strategy.

1. Google Adsense: The best way to monetize your blog is google adsense because the knowledge you are providing has no transactional value. Don't think that through adsense you cannot earn money(you are wrong). There are so many authoritative sites likes forbes, entrepreneur and many more who uses adsense for monetization. 

2. Sell e-books & Courses: Another way of monetizing your blog is by selling your e-books and courses to your targeted audience. This can only happen when you are an expert or have done expertise in any field for example , If you are fitness trainer you can sell your courses like "Here's your 21+ secrets to get a tonned body under 3-months" just for $19 Limited only.

Affiliate Marketing: If your site is getting targeted traffic or customer's when your site is niche based you can do affiliate marketing. People say that starting a blog and promoting affiliate products is good than depending on adsense. But that is not true Ha! affiliate marketing has more money than Adsense (If and only If done in a right way).

There are products which pays upto $150 commission per referral sent to their business.

So I recommend you to start a blog today without thinking and build your online business which pays you boss free life & make living. 

Amazon Affiliate Program: This is one of the best program for new bloggers who have just started their blogging journey. Create an amazon affiliate site and write a detailed in depth article about a specific product or device and provide your affiliate link of that product .

Whenever someone buys that product through your link you will generate commission and you will started earning revenue from that blog. 




Spread the love , Sharing Is Caring
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