Why My Website Is Not Showing In Google Search (Updated)

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You might be wondering after doing everything in correct manner, yet your website is still not visible on google search results and searching Why my website is not showing in google search results. 

The best part? 

I'm going to show you how you can bring your website on google with less effort that are working right now in 2020.

In short: if you want to rank your brand new site on google you will love this guide.

let's get started.

Below are the 7 possible reasons why you are not showing up on google and how to fix them.

Before we begin to topic

Test if your site is being Indexed by google or not.

You can test it by searching it's exact url or domain name like this (site:saikumarkambagi.com) here's below example of facebook.

check if site is indexed by google or not

If your site didn't appear in search results then it is performing very low. But don't worry I am here to help you .

Here are some of the reasons why your website is not showing in search results: 

1. Google has not indexed your site

When you create a new website, to see it on search results it must be indexed by search engines. This is because your site is brand new or doesn't have no links pointing to your site.

How to submit your site to google?

  • You have to create an account on google webmaster tools. 
  • If your site has some posts in it submit a sitemap.

Go to Search Console > Sitemap > Add sitemap.xml > Submit it.

submit sitemap

Image Credits Ahrefs

Submitting a sitemap doesn't guarantee you that all the posts in your sitemap gets indexed by google and starts ranking.

If your site is new it may take up to 2-3 weeks minimum to get indexed. 

There are lot of factors google considers before indexing a single page or post. This includes:

  • Quality and quantity of posts.
  • Uniqueness of posts.
  • Number of inbound links.
  • Design etc. 

Note: Adding sitemap tells google which pages are important & also where to find it.

2. You are blocking search engines for       indexing your site

Most of all the websites have a Robots.txt file. This tells google's  web crawlers (spiders) where to go and were not to go on that website. 

All the new bloggers aren't aware of how to proper use robots.txt file. Crawlers can't access your website if they are blocked by robots.txt file, this results in not indexing your website on google.

How to fix this? 

If you have submitted your sitemap on google search console it would probably show these warning's in coverage section like " Submitted URL  blocked by robots.txt file".

Error: Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt

What you have to remove or don't want to see is this piece of code

Disallow: /

After removing this code from robots file, submit recrawl request in search console and wait , your site will be indexed within a week or month.

WARNING : Robots.txt files are very sensitive or complicated part of website, so treat it carefully or hire an expert to fix this.

3. Your Pages have No-index tags

       You can tell google to not index some of your pages or site using some code.

 This can be done by adding "no-index" meta tag with in a piece of html code that looks like this,

<meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>

Pages with no index tags will not be indexed by google and won't appear in search results.

 >> You can change this setting in Yoast SEO plugin.

Open Posts > Edit Posts > Scroll below > Advanced >Set No.

In advanced section it asks do you allow this post to show in search results? set it to Yes.

Usually this feature is mostly used by web developers during the site construction stage and handover to client but they forget to remove this before publishing.

Remove no-index tag if only necessary.

4. Your site is not properly optimized for crawlers (Spiders)

Once you have submitted your website to search console, Google will send it's crawlers to your site to access the pages and store  them on their huge index database.

But the crawlers won't see your site like humans , they scan for relevant content , keyword saturation, site architecture and many more factors.

Therefore you have to optimize your site using proper silo structure which helps in topical relevancy and thus helps is indexing process.

During starting phase of your website always focus on low competition keywords with least search volume.

Recommended: how to start a blog in 2021 and build your online business.

5. Lack of quality backlinks

Whenever a new site is published Google doesn't quickly index  and rank those sites because of trust and authority of site.

For one minute think like google , there are two new sites both are brand new site A has 15 backlinks, 8 referring domains & site B has no backlinks, no referring domains what do you think which one would you rank?

Answer: Obviously site A. 

Because you have trust on site A , it has 8 websites pointing to it. Each and every backlink from authority sites is as vote you have on your site.

So after launching your blog try to get quality backlinks from authority sites to gain trust in the eyes of google. While there are 200+ factors in Google's algorithm.

By using this trick you can bring your website show up on google search results.

Quick note: Google rank web pages not websites so make sure to build backlinks and increase number of referring domains for specific pages.

6. Your site has duplicate content

A site is said to have duplicate content in it when a same piece of content is available at different URLs.

For example: Having a same two copies of text book in  same book shelf.

Google only indexes web page that you set as canonical. If you haven't set proper canonical google chooses the best one of it and indexes it. Google penalize sites with duplicate content in it and de-index the whole site.

Google will not index same contents because it don't want to store same copies in their index.

So always write unique content with updated information because google loves fresh content. Before hitting the publish button always check plagiarism on your content and publish it.

There are so many sites out there which provide plagiarism checker for free to use it.

 7. Your site has Google penalty

Google penalty could be a small reason for not showing on search results. But it might be a possibility that your site is been penalized by google for some reasons.

Google penalizes website which won't follow google webmaster guidelines.

These penalty maybe of two types Manual and Algorithmic penalties.

  • Manual penalty: A web pages trying to trick google algorithms by using any kind of black hat  SEO techniques, these kind of sites are penalized by Manually. This is done by google manual review employees ,if there is any kind of violations against webmaster guidelines. 

    • Algorithmic penalty:  Actually this is not a penalty , this is an algorithmic change in google algorithms which can cause increase or decrease in traffic spikes. 

You will get manual penalty if and only if you try to trick google by black hat seo. So I always recommend using white hat SEO for your website if you are thinking  for long run.

CONCLUSION: Why My Website Is Not Showing In Google Search?

It means your site is not indexed by google yet.

For some websites it may take from a week to months  for search engines to crawl and index websites to appear in google search. Build some quality backlinks (Inbound links) to fast up index process. You need to fix "no-index" meta tags and setup Robots.txt files from blocking crawlers to index your site.

I hope this helped you a lot.

If you have any doubts regarding your site feel free to contact me & comment below your question.

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